The Dynamic Earth

Volcanoes,   Earthquakes,    Plate Tectonics

Volcanoes  An introduction  to the different types of volcanoes, why they form, and to their spectacular but deadly eruptions.  Learn how they benefit and destroy the works of man and nature.   (B)

Mt. St. Helens before the eruption of May 18, 1980.  US Forest Service photo by Jim Nieland.  Click on the picture for  information about the volcanoes of the Cascades. Click here for a live volcanocam picture of  Mt. St. Helens.

General Information

Basaltic lava flow from Kilauea on the island of Hawaii.  USGS Photo.  To learn more about Hawaiian volcanoes click on the picture.

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Mt. Rainier, Washington with the city of  Tacoma a mere 40 miles away.  Part of the city is underlain by a mudflow which came from the volcano.  To learn more about the devastating effects of these lahars in other areas, click on the picture

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Mt. St. Helens, Washington. Compare this photo with the one to the left. USGS photo. To learn more about volcanoes in general click on the picture.

Educational Programs

Earthquakes  An introduction to what earthquakes are; their causes; and their effects on human activity and the environment. 

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USGS Photo


        USGS Photo

Plate tectonics This look into plate tectonics will help the student to understand why earthquakes occur, how mountains form, and some surprising results of all this moving and shaking.   (B)

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