Surface Processes and Environments
Weathering,   Erosion,    Glaciers,    Deserts,    Beaches
The Water Cycle

Weathering Learn why rocks do not last forever, the ways in which they break down, and the importance of the rock (soil) layer between the living and non-living worlds.  (A)

Erosion   See how gravity, wind, waves, glaciers and rivers transport rock--from large masses to tiny grains--while wearing away not only distant mountain peaks and our coastlines but also the land we live on.   (B)

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Braided stream deposits on a glacial outwash plain in Alaska.  In streams like this so much sediment is being carried that the streambed quickly fills with sediment and the streams change their courses;  Photo by P. J. Shafer,

Glaciers  The origin and development of alpine and continental glaciers are illustrated.  Learn to recognize the landscapes (many of them seen locally) resulting from glaciation.   (B)


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Columbia Glacier, Alaska;
USGS Photo

Desert geology   Discover  the environmental and geologic factors that create deserts, and observe the many unique geologic features associated with them.   (B)

Death Valley, California; Photo by Cecil Stoughton, USGS. For more information click on the photo.

Beaches and coasts  Explore the geologic processes at work in the areas  where the oceans meet land.  View  slides of local and worldwide examples of the resulting unique landforms.   (B)

A barrier island before  Hurricane Bertha. USGS Photo

Recent Additions

Disaster Geology  See how rapid and large scale changes in the physical and chemical systems that make up the oceans, atmosphere and solid earth affect  life on earth and how human activity may increase the severity of these events. (B)


After the hurricane USGS Photo

The water cycle   Find out where  the water that we drink comes from and if we have enough of it.  We will also explore the problems faced in conserving and protecting our water supply.  (B)


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