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Specimens in the museum's growing collection include a  dinosaur egg exhibit with embryonic bones as well as other dinosaur material--bones, both large and small, tracks and coprolite.  Other reptile, fish and mammal remains are also on display.  There are representatives of all the major animal groups, with larger displays of trilobites and other arthropods and ammonites.  From the plant kingdom there are amber, leaf impressions and petrified wood, some of it collected on Long Island.  Recent additions not yet on display are a four and a half foot long diplodocus femur and 2 eight foot long Columbian mammoth tusks.   Fieldwork in the Nebraska Badlands has uncovered the partial skeleton of a  titanothere,  which is also being prepared for display.



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While the Museum's original small collection of fossils came from Gardiner Gregory, the Museum is indebted to Mark and Karen Newman, Ken and Irma Herzog, Ed Steinberger, Marc Zimmer and many others for their generous donations of unique museum quality specimens from their personal collections.

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