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Introduction to rocks and minerals

This program gives an overview of the museum's rock and mineral collection for grades K -2.  It includes an introduction to the 3 rock groups and some of the many uses of these earth resources.

Rocks Learn about them not just as objects, but as stories waiting to be told about the environments where they formed, what they are and why we find them in the places that we do.  Also learn about some of their surprising uses. (A)  for grades 3 -12

Minerals Discover what these chemicals from the earth, sea, and sky are.  Learn why they have  beautiful shapes and colors, and why they are so useful.   (A)

Exploring minerals A hands-on approach  to mineral identification using properties such as shape, color, streak, hardness, density, and conductivity. 

Crystals and symmetry Uncover the secrets of crystals, find out why every mineral is  unique in shape, and begin an experiment that will grow spectacular crystal clusters in this hands-on workshop. $6.00 class fee.   (B)

Rock identification  using microscopes,  hand lenses and other tools the students will discover the  properties that will help them to identify the three basic rock groups and to spot features that tell about the geologic history of individual specimens.  (B)

Water in the ground    Learn  what water is, its many unique  properties, and how  it is stored in and moves down and up through the rocks in the earth.  (A)

Scavenger hunt Have fun exploring the museum and its collections while learning about minerals and their many uses.   (A)

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