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This spring and summer the museum will be hosting a series of 4 flea markets on the museum grounds. They will be held on: Saturday, May 14 (rain date May 15); Saturday, June 11 (rain date June 12); Saturday and Sunday July 9 and 10 (rain dates July 16 and 17); Saturday, September 3 (rain date September 4). On all dates the times are from 9 AM to 5 PM.  Vendors will be selling a wide variety of crafts, specialty items and food products.  Spaces for vendors are still available and more information for vendors can be found here.


For the month of May 2022, the Hicksville Gregory Museum will receive a $1 donation from each purchase of the $2.50 reusable Community Bag at the Stop & Shop store located at 530 West Old Country Road, Hicksville NY.

This past summer (2021) two new air handlers were installed to replace the 50+ year old systems that over the past years had become very unreliable, with no air conditioning in the summer and often no heat in the winter in the main exhibit area.  Getting parts for repairs  had become impossible, and so the museum secured a grant from Nassau County to completely replace the two units.  The grant money went to the Town of Oyster Bay (our landlords) who brought in an  HVAC company to complete the work.  The only glitch was that the new downstairs air handler was larger than the old one and had to go into part of the space that the fluorescent mineral case occupied. The fluorescent  display has to be rebuilt and should be up and glowing by late spring of 2022.

On Wednesday, March 23  a crew from the Town of Oyster Bay began the rehab of the building, starting with the porch. The decking was stripped away exposing some rot and insect damage in a few places.  The damaged understructure was replaced or reinforced as needed, the base of one of the posts was rebuilt and new decking put  down.
The frames and sills of all of the first floor windows have also been restored.  That entailed removing each window and rebuilding or replacing the framework inside the building and then reinstalling the windows.
The chimney, not part of the original construction in 1895, but probably dates from the 1930s,  showed a little separation from the building and was reinforced with steel strapping.
Other areas where the wood was compromised, have been rebuilt or replaced.  All of this is in preparation for painting the building. For photos of the  work click

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