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Amber from Colombia, South America.  Trapped within it are at least 100 termites, a few small gnats, and one unknown larval form.  Donated by Kenneth Herzog

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This  5 foot long cast replica  of a Mosasaur skull with a small section of backbone was donated by Kenneth Herzog.

The articulated foot of a 30 million year old Brontotherium is 13 inches high and 11 inches across, and is part of the 6 foot long left rear leg donated by Mark and Karen Newman of Trans Union Gems and Minerals

24 x 17 inch slab of phosphate rock from the Khouribga Plateau in west-central Morocco containing bone fragments and 13 of the teeth of the mosasaur Liodon anceps. Late Cretaceous.  Donated by  Edmund and Janice Steinberger.


Siltstone covered with leaf fossils.  The origin of the material is unclear--possibly Washington state. Besides the delicate imprints of the leaves there is also the remnant of a nut husk or seed pod and incredibly well preserved trails,  possibly made by leaf miners. Donated by Robert Cuda

This left brow horn of Triceratops horridus with a small part of the skull still attached is a little shy of 3 feet long and 1 feet wide at the base. Late Cretaceous (65 million years old). Donated by Kenneth Herzog

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