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Below are the main criteria by which the projects are judged and the judges apply them relative to the academic level of the students.  It can not be stressed enough that the project is the student's work and appropriate for their  age and academic level.


   EXPERIMENT--For grades 1--12
       The project should be designed as an experiment following the scientific method.  The thought and work process, from the initial posing of the problem, to a working hypothesis, to the design of the experiment, to collection of data and its analysis, and formation of conclusions and discussion of error, should be evident.
2.     RESEARCH--Depth of research
       What did the student learn about the topic in his or her project?  Was it an internet or library search or did the student seek out experts in the field?  Are the sources of information that the student used referenced or given credit for their contribution?  Does the student demonstrate a good grasp of the background material?

       A. Does the display clearly illustrate all the steps and work that went into the project?
       B. Is the display organized well?
       C. Is the display the student's own work?
       D. Is there a write-up that describes the experiment?

4.     PRESENTATION--Oral presentation
       A.  Is the oral presentation just a memorized speech, read from note cards or a paper, or is the student really familiar with the topic?
        B. After any initial nervousness does the student become more comfortable talking and answering questions about his or her project?
        C. How well does the student think on her or his feet when questioned about her or his topic or alternative ideas?

       A. Does the project show a fresh approach in its hypothesis or in the design of the experiment in what otherwise might be a standard project?
       B. Is the project a unique look at a new or old subject?


Projects other than your own are not to be touched unless you have specific permission from the person whose it is.

Decisions of the judges and committee are final.

Participants will be seen by  at least 3 judges, and depending on the size of the group, there may be extended periods of time when students have nothing to do, so you may want to bring along a book, ipod or portable game player to pass  the time.

It may be helpful to practice your talk in front of parents and friends.

Students may  want to bring along a snack, sandwich and  water bottle.

No adults (including parents and other relatives, friends and/or teachers) other than judges and science fair committee members are allowed in the areas where the judging is going on, nor may they talk to the students in the group(s) being judged  Anyone who violates this rule will have to leave the premises for the duration of the judging.

Projects may not be removed from the hall until the awards ceremony is complete.

Please be courteous and show your respect for all the students during the awards ceremony



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