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The Hicksville Gregory Museum offers a number of different programs for both girl and boy scout groups, which may be  tied in directly to merit badge requirements.  The museum is a small earth science museum with extensive collections of minerals, fossils, and rocks, and a small but spectacular fluorescent mineral collection.  In addition, there is an extensive butterfly collection.  The courthouse jail houses the historical collection. 

General Information: Tours are by reservation only and may be booked for after school if time permits--the museum closes at 4:30-- or on Saturdays on a first-come first-served basis.  Please contact the museum to confirm current prices. The program costs are detailed below There is no charge for the programs for Hicksville residents.  One adult is required for every 5 children with no charge for these adults.  Tag-a-longs and extra adults will be charged the appropriate program fee, but are discouraged, because of the museum's small size. 

DISCOVERING THE EARTH: (This program is geared towards Webelos--Earth Rocks--but may be modified for Junior Girl Scout groups.)  Learn about the rocks and minerals you can find in your own backyard. Bring your collection to the museum, and learn how to identify different types of rocks, and perform hardness tests on minerals to help identify them.  Discover how many different minerals go into building your house, and some of their other surprising uses.  Group size limited to 1 den, up to a maximum of 8 scouts and two leaders.  No additional adults or tag-a-longs, please. Tour length--approximately 2 hours. Cost is $8.00 per scout

PALEONTOLOGIST: Appropriate  for Cub Scouts (Wolf--Digging Into The Past) and Junior Girl Scouts.  Discover what fossils are, learn about the museum's fossil collection and make your own mold and cast of  some of the museum's fossils. Maximum group size is 10 scouts and 2 adult leaders. Tour length 1 hours. Cost is $8.00 per scout

MINERALS, GEMS, AND JEWELRY: (Junior Girl Scouts) Explore the museum's collection of minerals and gemstones, and learn how minerals are  turned into gemstones. Maximumgroup size is 15 scouts and 3 adult leaders. Tour length  1 hours   Cost is $8.00 per scout

COLLECTING: Appropriate  for Cub Scouts (Wolf--Collections and Hobbies) What better place to learn about collecting than a museum. See how the museum's collections are organized and displayed and how the collections help to unravel the history of the earth and the diversity of life on earth. Group size is limited to 15 scouts and three adult leaders.  Tour length--one hour. $3.00 per scout and $5.00 per adult

GENERAL TOUR: (Recommended for Brownies and Cub Scouts) Get an overview of the museum's various collections, and learn about some very unusual uses for minerals while going on the museum's scavenger hunt.  Group size limited to 15 scouts and three adult leaders.  Tour length--one hour. $3.00 per scout and $5.00 per adult

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